Sarcol provides a unique set of services for it's customers who have complex and detailed product designs that can't be produced through conventional machining technologies.
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Sarcol can utilize its patented ceramic cast-to-size technology to produce "net shape" mold cavities, inserts and cores.
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SARCOL's Markets

SARCOL's patented cast-to-size process has been adapted to create tooling for several niche market places. Shown below are several examples of some markets for which SARCOL has produced tooling. Notice how the SARCOL cast-to-size technology was able to achieve the various complex shapes and intricate details in the products shown.


Plastic Building Products

Plastic shake shingles


Ceiling tile panel and plastic stone building panel


Zinc Die Casting

Tool inserts (Steel and BeNi)


Molded Rubber Products

Gas masks


Golf grips and cast steel tool insert


Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic memorabilia of Eddie Matthews and Mickey Mantle


Plastic horse model and trophy



American eagle from a cast steel permanent mold and near net shape mold for steering wheel


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