Sarcol provides a unique set of services for it's customers who have complex and detailed product designs that can't be produced through conventional machining technologies.
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Sarcol can utilize its patented ceramic cast-to-size technology to produce "net shape" mold cavities, inserts and cores.
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SARCOL has several unique advantages and capabilities over the conventional machine shop and tool maker.

SARCOL's Precision cast tooling uses a patented ceramic process for producing highly detailed cavities and mold inserts with complex parting lines.

SARCOL's process can capture complex and minute details as well as very natually defined objects that simply cannot be achieved through etching patterns or EDM.

Compared to the time it take for a fully equipped machine shop with the most state of the art CNC equipment to machine irregular or complex details, SARCOL can produce complex tool cavities in about one third the time.

SARCOL's cast-to-size tool technology compared to machining operations can be significantly less expensive. Consider the simple facts, the less labor time and material loss the less expensive the production costs.

SARCOL can "team up" with any machine shop to provide "net shape" inserts that can be integrated with a production tool assembly.

SARCOL can also "team up" to create "near net shape" inserts or parts accompanied with post machining operations to finalize the details and tolerances.

Using SARCOL's "net shape" or "near net shape" inserts can reduce the time and labor intensive operations associated with machining an entire block of steel to shape.

The SARCOL PROCESS provides a technique that can consistently achieve the same tolerances for different tools fabricated from the same pattern. This is important for applications where two or more tool inserts are required.

Using SARCOL's cast-to-size ceramic technology, there is no need for subsequent machining and finishing to achieve the low tolerances, reducing the potential for machining errors.

SARCOL's unique cast to shape process can take an existing product or art model and create a pattern for any tooling.

SARCOL can reverse engineer design specifications that are no longer available, while taking into account shrinkage that will occur during solidification.

SARCOL's prototype tools are produced from materials that can be modified for production use.

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