Sarcol provides a unique set of services for it's customers who have complex and detailed product designs that can't be produced through conventional machining technologies.
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Sarcol can utilize its patented ceramic cast-to-size technology to produce "net shape" mold cavities, inserts and cores.
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Sarcol's mission statement is: To work with our customers to identify the lowest cost solution for their production needs and continuous quality improvement.

A unique position in the market

SARCOL was established almost 60 years ago, sand casting parts to fight World War II. Over the years SARCOL has been moving toward combining traditional sand casting with more advanced and sophisticated mold making techniques. Through intensive research, our development effort has culminated in a unique casting process for producing high grade molds in a ceramic cast-to-size tool production technology. This unique process is called The SARCOL PROCESS and only SARCOL can provide it. This patented process is currently being used to produce tools for a very broad range of products on a global level. Ceramic, cast-to-size technology has a number of advantages over traditional, machined tooling. These include more efficient production of multiple cavities, a superior ability to deal with intricate parting line configurations and a more cost effective method for creating highly realistic, three-dimensional surfaces. There are many others...

A broad range of product applications

The SARCOL process is ideal for plastic and rubber injection molds, zinc die cast, RIM molds and compression molds. SARCOL castings are currently producing such automotive parts as steering wheels, airbag covers, gear shift knobs, brake handles and pedals, arm rests and door panels.

Also, golf grips and racquet handles for the sporting goods industry, toys and trophies, industrial/gas masks, glass molds, shake shingles and ceiling tiles, and a wide variety of other complex molded parts.

A broad range of production capabilities

SARCOL has also adapted its unique process for higher tolerance applications. SARCOL's chemically bonded sand mold production system can be used to produce "near net shape" mold cavities, mold inserts and cores, which can be subsequently machined to high tolerance specifications. SARCOL has successfully teamed up with several machine shops to provide an overall cost reduction for a variety of mold production applications.




  The use of advanced ceramics is one of the factors that sets SARCOL apart. SARCOL's cast-to-size technology can effectively make tooling for a wide range of products and applications.  

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